Now, as long as I have been turkey hunting, I have never hunted after 3 p.m. cause the killing of a turkey is not important enough for me to ambush it going to roost. You see, the draw that I have to turkey hunting has nothing to do with killing turkeys. I do it cause I really enjoy “the game” and calling the bird to the gun.

I shoot them because that is the end result of the game. But, I realized that if I was gonna kill one of these unresponsive turkeys, that’s the way it was gonna have to go down. It’s new to me, but this season has to be all about the KILL. Otherwise, my wife has wasted a ton of money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy that I killed my first Osceola and have one bird toward my 8, I just wish that I could have called him in.

On a side note, the accommodations were less than desirable, so I wanted to finish as soon as possible. At about 4:30 we set up on a lane that went through one of the oak hammocks the birds liked to roost in. First a hen, then six jakes came right down the lane. About 20 minutes later, three gobblers came into view down the lane a bit. I picked out the bird that appeared to have the longest beard and put him down.
He went down hard and my first hunt of 2007 was complete. Since we had not seen any longbeards, I had already decided that I’d shoot the first swinging bearded turkey that I saw. Anyway, he had a 9.25-inch beard, 1.25-inch spurs and weighed 20.14 lbs (huge for an Osceola). I’m pretty happy with him, I just wish they had been more responsive to calling, but it was just too early for these birds.

Congrats Mike. And you’ll be this year’s first entry into our “Give Us The Bird” photo contest, details to come soon. Also, since Mike’s posting, I’ve received a few other pictures and stories, all of which will be posted in good time.

Keep the successful hunts coming!