Osceola_printWell, after reading about other guys hunts in my email and on message boards around the Internet, I’m finally going to board a plane this morning and head to Florida to get a jump on my turkey season. There I”ll meet Dodd Clifton with Realtree and Bassmaster’s James Hall for a little beards ‘n bass bash that should be a lot of fun. Looks like I’m getting out of Jersey just in time, too, as the temperatures drop back down into more winter-like ranges. Good riddance!

But as much as I have anticipated this trip, as usaul, I was woefully unprepared to head out. We had a busy week of work with numerous meetings and a visit from our whitetails editor, Mike Hanback. And whenever you plan to be out of the office for a few days, like any job, you have a slew of work to get knocked out first so that the stuff you deal with doesn’t come to a grinding halt in your absence. Needless to say, at 11 o’clock last night, I was still digging through my old turkey vest and a few big Rubbermaid containers looking for this call and that call, my ThermaCell, a pair of small binoculars and the other usual stuff I take in the field.

Now I just hope I have it all together. No doubt, I’ll get ready to head out to hunt once I’m in Florida and realize a crucial piece of the puzzle is missing. In fact I better make sure I have my license in my pocket right now…

Yep, it’s there. I suppose as long as you have that, you can just about beg, borrow or buy whatever else you need.

Not sure if I’ll have Internet service while I’m down there, but if so, you can bet I’ll be offering reports on what’s going on. I’ll keep you posted…