Screaming_turkeyThe first turkey season of 2007 opened today on the big island of Hawaii. The mainland will follow suit on Saturday when the season opens in some of Florida’s southernmost Osceola-infested counties.

As for myself, I’m frantically trying to get all the work and honey-do’s out of the way as I head for the Sunshine State March 16, a mere 16 days away including today. I sat there looking at and scratching through my daily planner today trying to figure out how I could possibly squeeze in more hunts without getting fired, divorced or both. It’s a tough balance for a lot of us at this time of year even if you only plan on hunting close to home.

Right now it looks like I might be hitting Florida, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, I’m still hoping Wyoming and possibly Mexico and New York. Looks like I’m going to miss out on my favorite state to hunt–Missouri–for the second straight year, though I looked at the planner long and hard today trying to figure out how to squeeze more days into April. It doesn’t help that I have a poorly timed family vacation early in the month (it’s called keeping out of divorce court) and a huge deadline for the biggest issue (a double issue, June/July) OL puts out each year (and that’s called keeping my job!).

We’ll see how it all pans out. Either way, I look forward to getting some hunting in, sharing some of my experiences with you and even hopefully running into a few of you during my travels.

Let us know where you plan to hunt by posting below, and better yet, once you go on those hunts, email a short report on your trip along with any pics to While I can’t promise I’ll run every story and picture, I’ll promise to do my best as those who were with us last year well knows. We’ll even have some fun contests coming up with a host of pretty good prizes. Stay tuned.