Gatorperez1This post marks day two of OL contributor Ruben Perez’s quest for an Osceola with Bang Collins in Florida.


Today’s hunt brought me to another end of the property where we managed to call in a bird. The gobbler answered every call we made to him, and, without doubt, he was coming hot. As I looked over my barrel, lining up the sights, waiting for the turkey to step out from behind some bushes—in my mind’s eye I could already picture it flopping on the ground.

Well, that was not to be. The turkey realized something was not right and skirted our hide, walking past us 85 yards away. So be it; that’s turkey hunting.

The rest of the day we spent trying to raise a gobbler. The lack of interest these birds had of hooking up with hens lent some weight to Collins’ comment of the turkey’s actions and habits being a couple of weeks behind schedule. From my findings, they Gatorperez2 seemed to be just starting to look for hens. They are now coming out of their winter mode. There is definitely no shortage of gators, deer and even jakes though.

Doug’s Note: In my experience, when the birds are running behind on chasing hens in Florida, a lot of times it seems to run late as seasons continue to open up as you head north. Of course, while hunting the South Carolina early season which opens each year on March 15, the first week or so was always tough as the gobblers were often extremely henned up. What has been your experience? Post a comment below.