WhiteBow Hunting Turkeys With Rick White And Phillip Vanderpool Of Hunter’s Specialties

Bow hunting for turkeys has become more popular, with hunters looking for more challenging and exciting ways to take a gobbler. Rick White and Phillip Vanderpool of the Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staff recently offered the following tips for getting started.

Rick: “It takes more movement to draw your bow, so you have to be well hidden. A turkey has great eyesight.”

Phillip: “I like to hunt from a blind, like Hunter’s Specialties 10-10 Hideout Pop-Up model. If I don’t have a blind, I try to build one to break up my silhouette, or stay in the shadows.”

Rick: “If you are hunting from a blind, keep the windows closed behind you or to the side so the light can’t shine in and turkeys can see you.”

VanderpoolPhillip: “Use a decoy to increase your odds. I like the Hazel Creek decoys because they are actual mounted hens and jakes. The gobblers can really tell the difference.”

Rick: “Place your jake decoy facing the blind. The gobbler will usually come in to face the jake, so his back is to you when you draw. I put my decoys closer to the blind than I would if I were shotgun hunting, usually five steps.”

Phillip: “I like to shoot expandable broadheads with 1 ½” cutting diameter or bigger. I always back the poundage down on my bow so I can hold at full draw longer if I have to. A turkey has a small vital area and you may have to wait for a good shot angle. I try to aim just above where the thigh joins the body cavity.”

Rick: “I agree that arrow placement is very important. The shot just above the leg is a good one, as well as a shot with the bird facing directly away from you. If the bird is in full strut, aim just above the base of the tail. I shoot most of my turkeys at 10 yards or less, so it is easier to make a good shot. Give the bird a few minutes to expire before you go to him. If you happen to break a wing, it is best to go after him right away. Be sure and use caution when picking up your bird because it may still have a broadhead in it.”

Phillip: “Bow hunting turkeys is very rewarding when you have a successful hunt. I hope everyone gets to give it a try this spring.”