Turkey Hunting photo

Recordturkey1While out of the country on vacation the other week, the Lone Star Outdoor News broke this story of an eastern wild turkey being taken that could possibly break the current world record for beard length on a gobbler.

Cody May reportedly shot the tom April 6 near New Boston. The bird is said to have sported a beard that stretched a whopping 22.5 inches, which if it holds, would shatter Virginia’s Robert Tremblay’s record of 18.125 inches taken in 1998.

Click here to read the entire report from the Lone Star Outdoor News.

The only problem May might have in officially garnering the record is that after the first official measurement at a game checking station (Easterns must be checked in Texas, not Rios), the brittle ends of the longest strands of the beard apparently broke off, leaving the tom with a still impressive 17.5 inch beard. The NWTF, which keeps records, reports that the tom can still be certified for the record if submitted with photos and a signed affidavit from the first official scorer, though the inability for others to inspect the Recordturkey2 potential record-setting beard in its original glory is sure to cloud May’s claim.

The odd thing about this potential record setting turkey is that there is been very little chatter about it in the media or on many web sites that I admittedly quickly scanned. We’ll follow up on this story and give you the scoop as there are more developments. Have a great weekend and get out there and hunt.