T_j_tim_turkey_012The field was laden with dew and, unfortunately, when the tom went down, it began flopping in the wet grass and by the time T.J. had it completely subdued for photos, well, it maybe wasn’t as pretty as he would have liked. That fact did little to diminish T.J.’s excitement at getting his first solo bird.

“It was about 34 degrees that morning, and the gobbler had the sun to his back. Everytime he would gobble, I could see his breath. It was an awesome hunt and a great bird,” T.J. says.

Then, barely a day or two later, T.J. and his buddy Tim Renfroe, set up on another Miss. gobbler, with T.J. also working the calls and Tim on point. They used B-Mobile again and yes, the gobble tube as well, delivering a virtual replay of T.J.’s hunt earlier that week.

Tj_turkey2Then, before the week was up, T.J., an old pro by now, went out with Primos’ video team and succeeded in being the only company guy to kill a bird on tape in their home state that week. Not too shabby! The tom’s beard measured 9 inches and the spurs stretched to 1 inch.

Great week buddy and thanks for sharing the pics with us.

As for the rest of the Primos crew, they have taken on film one bird in Louisiana, had a great bunch of hunts in Alabama, and as of the time of T.J. sending me this info, were hunting hard in Texas and Tennessee.

I’m still on vacation with the family in Curacao, my back scorched like someone took a blow torch to it, but the beach scenes are incredible, the warm weather great and the other activities…well, there’s a lot to do and see. Still, I’m looking forward to getting back out on my next hunt, hopefully next Saturday when the season opens in Virginia. (Hearing any birds Deadeye?)

Until next time, hunt safe…