SzhiltonZach Hilton of Washburn, Wis., sends us this picture of a beautiful Badger State longbeard that he and buddy, Mike, called in this season.

Zach writes: “We were walking a field edge, calling every 100 yards or so because it was windy. We were just trying to raise a mid-day gobble. I spotted three toms coming across a field from the opposite woodline. They were 300 yards out and down wind from us, but they were heading for the first spot we had stopped to call and there was nothing I could do to turn them.

“So, we hustled back through the woods and circled around, in front of the toms. We had to run for about 10 minutes to get around them, and I had just sat down and gave a few clucks when we were hit with a gobble only 70 yards out.

“All three got to within 25 yards, but neither of us were able to shoot since we were trying to film the hunt. The turkeys spooked and began to move off, when one of them found strolled into an opening. My 3 1/2-inch turkey load barked and sent the bird to flopping. The cool thing is that we ended up killing that bird at 2:30 in the afternoon, get this, in the same exact spot that we set up that morning! At that time, two toms had been roosted within 50 yards of us.”

Great hunt, Zach. His gobbler weighed 24.6 pounds, had 1 1/8-inch spurs and a 10 3/4-inch beard. Not too shabby! Zach will be entered in The Strut Zone’s Give Us The Bird Contest for sharing his photo. To enter your photo, read the rules and send us your photo. There will be some great prizes for the winners.

Oh, and I hope all of you Dad’s out there had a great Father’s Day. My arms and shoulders are still sore from all of the work I did to help mine out around his place this past weekend!!