SzbrelandRick Breland saw last year’s contest after it was too late, but hoped to be included in this year’s Give Us The Bird Photo Contest, so much so that he sent this picture in months in advance. Well, here you go Rick.

Pictured are Rick (right) and his good friend Randy Crockett on a Rio hunt where it was Randy’s first Rio Grande gobbler and Rick’s first turkey period. Rios can be quite cooperative in that way.

Randy’s tom had a 10-inch beard, 1 3/8-inch spurs and weighed in the neighborhood of 23 pounds. Rick’s first bird was a jake with a 6-inch beard and pushing the scales at 16 pounds.

Congrats to both of you on your respective first. For sending the photo in, Rick will be entered into The Strut Zone’s Give Us The Bird Photo Contest. Click here for complete rules and submission guidelines.