SznollJosh Noll (left) of Vassalboro, Maine, sent us this one earlier in the season to show off the bird he helped call in for his younger cousin Tim during the state’s Youth Turkey Hunt. It was Tim’s last year he was eligible to hunt the youth day due to his age.

The two started the day on a hill near Josh’s home where birds could typically be found. This morning was no different as a single tom was up there. Unfortunately, it had a bunch of hens around him, and despite the hunters pulling the turkey to within 40 yards, Tim couldn’t get a clean shot off. The birds soon moved off.

The two heard another bird off in the distance that was “gobbling his head off” so they set off for him. Setting up once again, it didn’t take five minutes to pull this second tom in.

“Tim hesitated making the shot because this was the biggest thing he has had in his sights, but he ended up making a great shot,” says Josh. The tale of the tape: 18 pounds, 7-inch beard, 1/2 inch beard.

“Not the biggest tom but he was happy as can be,” says Josh. “We were also the first people at the town
tagging station with a bird for this season.”

Nothing wrong with that, Josh. Nothing wrong with that at all. Thanks for sending the pic in and sorry it took so long to get posted. You’re entered in the photo contest. Stay tuned. Winners will be announced this Friday.