PhotojaninecloseupLooking at the photos from the Racks calendar, I was reminded of some of the back and forth discussion among the editors that takes place as we put together every issue of Outdoor Life. The truth is we don’t always agree. Here’s an item that was originally slated for the Snap Shots section of the magazine earlier this year, but was (probably wisely) cut out because of the “suggestive” nature of the product.

But because the Web, like television, is just one big morally bereft dumping ground of infotainment, I figured what the hey. Here’s what OL readers missed:

From Hunt Club to Strip Club
Few products so aptly combine a typical guys two favorite things—hunting and women—like Camo Booty’s line of camouflage. Realtree or Mossy Oak it isn’t, as the pattern meant to leave game confused and fellow hunters amused is created by printed, overlapping silhouettes of naked ladies in various positions of repose. Finally, somebody has invented a product that will impress as much in camp as it will at the strip club, and you don’t even have to change your outfit in between! Tramp stamp and arm tats are optional.

Now you tell me: Should this have run in the magazine or do you agree with the edit staff’s final decision to leave it out of the mag?

Post a comment below. As a hunting mag, we realize this stuff rests at the far periphery of why sportsmen buy OL, but as a magazine read by a lot of men, maybe there is more interest in such, um products, than we realize. Regardless, pull a Camo Booty shirt out in camp and I promise it will get a good laugh.

If you’re of that latter camp, check out the Camo Booty site for more photo galleries of their product in use, particularly Oleha’s booty pose (that’s the name of the jpg file, not my choosing)—a photo that I wasn’t about to run, even on the Web. Oh, that would be Janine up top.