Turkrevolution While flipping down the channel menu on television the other night, I was surprised to see a show called Turkey Revolution. I hit the record button and came back later to check it out and what I saw was pretty good.

It turns out that following their successful sponsorship of Whitetail Revolution, Winchester has spread their sponsorship to a show that will focus on the second most hunted species in North America—the wild turkey.

Orion Multimedia, which produced the popular Whitetail Revolution program, is bringing their flavor of outdoor television production to Winchester Turkey Revolution, which first aired on Jan. 3. You can catch it yourself Thursdays at 2 p.m. and Sundays at 8:30 a.m. Might want to tape it like I did so you can watch it at a more suitable time.

The show has a pretty interesting line-up of co-hosts that when put together, bring a strong amount of turkey hunting know-how to the table. Former Grand National calling champions Walter Parrot and Chris Parrish, along with longtime calling competitor and industry pro-staffer Steve Stolz, are joined by former NWTF staffer Jonathan Harling each week to share their turkey hunting adventures and the tricks they used to make them successful.

Famed callmaker Mark Drury goes head-to-head with turkey hunting legend Ray Eye each episode as well as they debate the most pressing tactics and issues affecting turkey hunters and their success in the field.

Having hunted with most of these guys at one time or another, if they bring half the fun to the program that they bring to an actual hunt, you’ll want to check it out.