Some of you southern guys have asked that question to hunting buddies over the phone lately. The rest of us are waiting to do it.

While northern wild turkey hunters are still locked in the chilly grip of winter, and can’t wait to hear that first spring gobble, you southern turkey chasers are already out there scouting, as seasons open first in your neck of the woods come March.

So what are you hearing out there?

This time of the year a gobbler attempts to call hens to his roosted or ground-standing position. He’ll even gobble during daily efforts to declare his presence to any hens nearby—and gobblers who might challenge pecking-order status, which happens frequently as these birds sort matters out.

Are you guys down in Alabama hearing any gobbling activity? Are you turkey chasers in Florida listening to birds on the roost these late-winter mornings? What are the rest of you hearing out there?

Let us know here at OL’s Strut Zone so that we can follow the gobbling activity this spring.

—Steve Hickoff