Turkey hunting buddy/pro Ray Eye e-mailed me regarding the recent Midwest floods. His insights provide a glimpse of what’s in store for turkey hunters as the clock ticks toward opening day 2008.

Eye: These are the worst floods I ever witnessed in my area. I have video footage of the ’82 and ’93 floods and this one is far worse. I was unable to get photos or video of my area this time until water went down. For the first time ever all roads were closed—barricaded for miles…and all other roads to the area were covered with water. We were surrounded on three sides with closed roads and water…had only 1 way, 1 road out..and water was lapping at the edges of it until this morning.

I was able to make my way through the woods to a river bluff overlook to observe my turkeys after the water went down somewhat—turkeys are fine and were gobbling this morning in areas where the water had already receded.

Hens haven’t begun nesting, and until the floodwaters recede, the birds will simply move to higher ground or get into trees and move limb-to-limb to get out of the flooded areas. If the floods were to occur later in the year, in late April and into May when hens are laying and incubating clutches of eggs, nests in flood plain would be lost.

These photos show some of the places that I turkey hunt and the impact of the flood waters:

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