Under Armour’s Tim Herald, widely known for his love of pre-hunt Led Zeppelin and hardcore turkey chasing, just checked in with a report on his recent Florida hunt. Here’s what he and his buddies found:

Blind_setup“It was the best hunting in my 18 years down there,” Herald says. “I took a 1.5-inch spurred bird 10 minutes into opening day at 5 yards with my BowTech. Before I could get out of the blind, another longbeard came in strutting and gobbling.”

And if that great start wasn’t enough, things got even better . . .

Bow_bird_i“Day 2, I went to the same spot and had 2 birds come in 15 minutes after daylight. They got to within 3 steps, and one saw my cameraman. They spooked and stopped at 15 yards, so I hammered the back bird with my Encore. He had 1.25-inch spurs. Again, I was pinned in the blind, and over the next 2.5 hours, 10 more gobblers came in to my setup. We got some incredible up close Osceola footage. ”

He and the other guys in camp had five birds on the ground by midday on Sunday. “The birds gobbled and worked very well,” Herald says, “and to have this for a whole hunt in Florida is definitely not the norm.”

Have any of you other Strut Zoners worked a Florida gobbler this season?

Steve Hickoff