Two questions…two answers…two minutes to get to the point. We ask the best turkey hunters in the country to help you out this spring. Today Hunter Specialties’ pro staffer Matt Morrett visits the Strut Zone.

STRUT ZONE: How do you know if you’re calling too much?

MATT MORRETT: I usually know when I am calling too much when my tongue gets sore. Seriously, I know when I have been calling too much when I have been hitting a gobbler pretty hard and he is holding his ground out of range responding but not moving toward me. I have hung him up and he is out there interested but waiting for what happens naturally for me to go to him.

STRUT ZONE: When and why do you switch calls?
MATT MORRETT: I switch calls for two primary reasons: 1. I have been yelping a bunch on one and it just loses some of its life; 2. I am having trouble getting any type of interaction with turkeys (hens or gobblers). Then, I’ll switch from a mouth call to a slate or box.