Two questions…two answers…two minutes to get to the point. Each Tuesday, we plan on asking the best turkey hunters in the country to help you out this spring. Rayeye

This week, Ray Eye (pictured, checking out the sights in Atlanta during a break from the NWTF national convention. And, no, he does not eat sushi) takes two.

STRUT ZONE: Should I call to turkeys before the season opens?

RAY EYE: Absolutely…hell yes! Calling to birds before season opens not only gives you confidence in your calling ability, but also gives you confidence in the area that you are hunting. The only thing that you want to avoid is calling in gobblers and then spooking them off. I’d recommend that you don’t do that. Otherwise, let it hang out and call to your heart’s content because it won’t have any affect on what happens during the season.

STRUT ZONE: How do I find a new spot to hunt gobblers?

RAY EYE: Well, first of all don’t wait until a week before the season opens to try and find a new place to hunt. That being said, find a turkey-looking spot and then ask the mailman, FedEx guy or UPS driver about what they’ve seen in terms of turkey activity. They drive those routes each day and have the best insider information available. Hope that they aren’t turkey hunters themselves.

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