You’ve roosted a gobbler on public land, gotten up early the next morning, and driven your truck to the two-track road in the hills that will put you within walking distance of that turkey.

You’ve slinked in there perfectly, eased into your setup, and everything is in place: a half-hour before daybreak, the turkey gobbles; you tree call back; all’s well until you hear another caller slink in and sit down on the other side of that bird.

You were certain you had the place and the gobbler to yourself. Now what do you do?

Do you try to outcall the guy to bring the turkey to you?

Do you confront the interloper, ruining the hunt for both of you?

Do you slip back to your truck and find another gobbler to hunt?

Ever have this happen to you Strut Zoners? What did you do? How did it work out if you tried to outcall the other guy? Did you confront the other hunter? Did you slip back to your truck and find another bird?

—Steve Hickoff