A Strut Zone congratulations to Ryan Green on a rather unique trophy. Here’s his story.

000_00011 I saw the recent post on the Strut Zone about an odd-colored turkey and wanted to share a picture of a bird I killed Wednesday morning on National Forest Land in Virginia. It was a two-year-old bird with about a 9.5-inch beard. He weighed about 17 pounds. The unique thing about him is that his wings are solid white and the rest of his body appears to be brighter in color than any bird I have killed before. I am planning to contact Virginia game and inland fisheries, as I am curious as to how common this is. I was wondering if a biologist could explain what causes this color variation. I just wanted to share my story as I saw the recent posting about the issue. Check the pictures I attached. There are no tame birds anywhere near where I killed the bird so I have kind of ruled out any cross breeding.