As turkey hunters around the country go at it at full bore, the Strut Zone e-mail box begins to fill up with stories and photos from successful hunters. Here’s one of my favorites sent in by Cpl. Larry Rucker, U.S.M.C. Keep those cards and letters coming folks—Gerry Bethge

Leave_031008_003 I’m a Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan, so as you can imagine there is not a whole lot of hunting opportunities for me here. This whole hunt started in early February when I found out we would have some leave coming up, I got excited—it had been 2 years since I had turkey hunted. I got home 5 days before the season, and much to my amazment they were already gobbling. After about 5 days of close-but-not-close enough, I went with my cousin Alex to his hunting club in North Mississippi. We were to hunt a beautiful creek bottom. At about 5:50 the birds started sounding off everywhere. We heard one bird gobble close but he was across the creek, and shut up. We moved up and set up on some other birds. After calling for about 30 minutes a bird gobbled behind us but it sounded far off. However, still another bird slipped in from behind us. I waited and as soon as he came out from behind a tree, I smoked him. To make things even better, I was able to get a public land bird while hunting by myself—2 birds in 10 days makes for exciting leave. Now I’m in Japan annoying all my friends with turkey stories just like the old days.