I love making use of the entire wild turkey. The following recipe can work as an entrée or an appetizer.

First, soak 10 oz. of Hurst’s “HamBeens” brand beans in a bowl of water overnight.

To a stovetop lobster pot add 64 oz. of Swanson 99% fat free chicken broth, followed by the beans (after draining and rinsing).

Add the meat, and bring that to a boil.

Covered (with the lid’s steam escape window open if available), tweak it down to medium heat, and let it cook several hours, stirring occasionally.

About 20 minutes before eating, cook up several cups of Carolina Jasmine Thai Hom Mali rice on the stovetop, put that in a bowl when ready, and cover it with the soup. Any favored rice will do though . . .

Fresh baked bread, and a garden salad plus a cold beverage of choice, goes great with this meal.
This recipe works particularly well with the parboiled meat of a spring or fall wild turkey (drumsticks included), making use of the entire bird.

These ingredients and amounts serve up roughly five soup bowls. Adjust accordingly. Fellow Strut Zoner Gerry Bethge’s Smoked Wild Turkey Wrap is up next. Have an outstanding recipe to share? Please post it.—Steve Hickoff