Dfw_turkey_poults What do you hardcore wild turkey hunters do in the off-season?

Some of us watch for the first poults to hatch in areas we had been hunting for spring gobblers.

Some of us begin shooting our bows with the fall seasons in mind. My calendar is marked for September 15, for instance, which is the start of the New Hampshire archery-only turkey season.

Some of us build wingbone calls from the radius, ulna and even humerus bones of turkeys we’ve killed. It’s a fun way to extend our hunts.

I’m guilty on all counts. How about you?

Do you fish for summer bass? Plan autumn hunts for other species? Do you train your turkey dogs? Are you a “spring is for beards and fall is for antlers” sort of sportsman? Do you fall turkey hunt as hard as we do here at the Strut Zone? Are you planning your 2009 spring turkey hunts?

All of us need to return thanks to the landowners, outfitters, and other folks who put us into turkeys. All too often we forget to do that. Turkey hunting is so often a “we” proposition.

Let those people know you appreciate them.

Autumn turkey seasons are just a little over three months away. What will you Strut Zoners do to pass the time? Let us know. We’d really appreciated knowing about the turkey hatch in your neck of the woods. Moderating temperatures and relatively dry weather is pointing to a good hatch here in the Northeast—Steve Hickoff