Sz_image_for_72808_nwtf_photo The idea of flushing fall turkey flocks to gain a tactical advantage is based on the notion you want to call your turkey to your setup after those birds have been scattered.

But yeah, if you’ve patterned or happened into fall turkeys—and a bird is in range, and you want it—sure, take the shot. You choose.

Often enough autumn groups are on the edge of gun or bow range though. What do you do then? That’s when you might need to flush them.

Gregarious by nature, this strategy is based on the fact we can guess with reasonable assurance flock members will want to regroup.

There’s a difference between a good and bad flock flush, as all you veteran fall turkey hunters know.

In a lousy break, smaller groups of birds stay together. This puts you at a tactical disadvantage. In one done right, single turkeys fly off or run in all directions. They’ll want to regroup.

You can set up at that site and try to call one into range. Also, some might suggest this approach is more sporting than simply taking one that is in range by luck and circumstance.—Steve Hickoff