9_5_08_sz_post_hickoff_photo All-day hunting is a given in the fall as wild turkeys go, but somewhat controversial in the spring as gobbler chasing is concerned, especially in the northeast where a number of states close hunting for the day at noon.

In a somewhat radical move, Maine’s Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has just proposed to change legal 2009 spring turkey hunting hours from the traditional 1/2 hour before sunrise to noon time to 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.

This is nothing to you guys who spring gobbler hunt all day in places like Texas or Kentucky, but it’s bound to shake the foundation of turkey hunting in the Pine Tree State where the newly proposed rules also suggest abandoning the split season, formerly driven by even-odd birth years to promote that only 50% of turkey hunters were in the woods at any one time.

The proposal now suggests adopting a May 4-June 6, 2009 regular season, and again, an all-day spring hunt.

What do you Strut Zoners think of all-day spring turkey hunting? Should we give the hens and gobblers a rest from our enthusiastic pursuit in the afternoon, or is it okay in your minds? Do you spring hunt in the afternoon where legal?—Steve Hickoff