Sz_matt While Strut Zone’s Steve Hickoff is off gallivanting the nation striking fear into the hearts of fall turkey flocks everywhere, I’ll try to hold down the fort for a few days…

When last you heard from me, I was mourning the pending loss of my turkey dog Jake. But as someone’s momma must have said at one time or another: “If life deals you lemons, go make some lemonade.” So this is a short story of what it’s like to open a lemonade stand. I’ll have more on this sensational fall turkey hunt later this week, but wanted to get up a quick post today.

After spotting some good scratchings on Saturday, I got on a roosted flock Sunday morning along with hunting buddies Matt Hogan, El Carhart and Cliff Horton. Not knowing exactly where the birds were roosted, we spread out across a ridgetop and waited for daylight. I started soft-calling just as the squirrels began to scurry around and was met instantly with excited clucks and cutting. I’d love to say that we made short work of the birds, but it’d be lying.

I can, however, say that young Matt Hogan hammered a fine adult gobbler to score on his first turkey ever! Way to go, Matt!

More to photos and words on the hunt later this week.—Gerry Bethge