In case you missed it, one of our favorite Strut Zoners scored HUGE on a great gobbler. Great way to start the season BRBB! Congrats. Here’s his story and photos….

“Dropped big boy at about 10:30 this morning. Sported an 11 3/4 inch beard and what a set of hooks 1 3/8 on the right and 1 1/4 on the left.The birds where quiet this morning.


Heard a few gobble way off across the river. Got up and changed locations at about 10:20, soon as I crossed the cattle gate there he was about 200 the S curve, which is what we call that part of the old woods road, which separates the river bottom woods from are planted pines. I ducked off to the right into the river bottom woods made a qiuck set up, yelped and cut–once toward him, then once away from him and in about a minute there he was with a hen. He went into strut, but I got him out of it–when he streched out that neck…BOOM–that 3″ #5 Fed. Mag-Shok did it’s job at 20 yds. I used a H.S.Strut cuttin v to call him in.Hope everybody out there has an opening weekend like mine.