A mere turkey call cannot really change your life, but I’m here to tell you that it sure can change your ability to successfully call in turkeys.

First off, let me tell you that I am NOT real big on being a shill for anyone or product or manufacturer over another (unless I really believe in the product). Nor will you notice any advertisements for this particular manufacturer anywhere on this page. So here goes…

Back in 1995, my good buddy, Dave Streb, of Quaker Boy Game Calls handed me a prototype of a new turkey call that his company was about to introduce–the boat paddle box call. I’d heard of boat paddles in the past, but was never afforded the opportunity to run one and, frankly, it sounded like crap. I thanked Dave, stuck it in my vest–in a rarely used pocket–and left it there. My misgivings about the boat paddle were reinforced that very spring when Streb and I were roosting birds.

“What the *&%$ was that?” hollered two anglers fishing on a beaver pond that was typically home to spring longbeards. “Holy crap!” I roared with laughter.

I secretly hoped that Streb would leave the call buried in his vest for the rest of the season, but he didn’t and after a day or so came to the realization that as bad as I thought the boat paddle sounded, the turkeys sure liked it. On stop after stop, Streb made birds gobble. To ensure that it was no fluke, I tried to chime in with my favorite calls and in most cases, got no response.

Fast forward several years and Streb arrived at my New England camp with a surprise–a Mega Boat Paddle. Twice the size and triple the volume, I laughed like hell once again. And then we took it into the woods.

“How and when can I get one, Dave,” I asked. “I don’t care what it costs.”

The next season, Streb presented me with a prototype of “The Road Warrior.” If there’s a single turkey call that I will not hunt without, it’s my giant boat paddle box call. I urged Streb and Chris Kirby to market the call and now it is here.

If you want to strike birds, the Road Warrior will help you do it. This semi-custom call is available only on the website. But, better yet, if you’re anywhere near Whitetail World in Olean, New York this weekend, you can handpick your own Road Warrior. Dave Steb and John Kelly, the guy who builds these calls, will be on hand to help you out.