True enough, in some states like. Pennsylvania it’s illegal to stalk spring turkeys, so don’t. In other places where it’s fine, we call it “repositioning.” It can be done where legal, despite the turkey’s inherent paranoid disposition.

Yes, either way you look at the possibility, safety is an issue.

How can you override the fear factor of busting birds with your movement? You can use terrain to hide your approach. You can move through the woods slowly to get in range. You can do it on daybreak spring mornings when the leaves underfoot are damp from the previous night’s rain. You can move when that gobbler spins its full-fan tail toward you, obscuring the view of your stalk.

Why do it? Because some situations–when a spring gobbler is hung up and won’t budge for instance–warrant it.

Strut Zoners, what’s your take on moving closer to hung-up strutters? What safety concerns do you have when you do it? Let us know about any memorable hunts where moving on a bird put it in the back of your turkey vest.