The Remington 870 shotgun has been a solid choice for turkey hunters since I was a teenager meaning we’ve both been around awhile. I’ve owned many, and have field-tested others on hunts around the country. Lucky guy? Heck yeah.

In addition to using the standard pump options over the years, solidly tricked out with both American walnut woodwork and synthetic stocks, I’ve been trying out the newfangled 870s too. This includes both the thumbhole and pistol-grip designs, all of which have helped me kill spring gobblers in faraway places like Florida, Texas, South Dakota and back here in the Northeast, slammin’ my way around turkey country.

You need a reliable firearm to do that, and I’ve been happy with the Remington options. Enter the ShurShot design, which helped me take an Osceola gobbler on the recent opening weekend in central Florida. What’s it offer? Both right- and left-handed shooters can enjoy ambidextrous mobility. It’s maneuverable as advertised. The SuperCell recoil pad has made camp patterning sessions, and game-time hunts comfortable. And what you really want to know: All my first shots have killed turkeys laundry-load dead. Period.

Check out the Model 870 SPS SureShot Synthetic Turkey, and other “Big Green” turkey gun options at

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