“Sir, what’s this feathery looking thing in your carry-on bag?” the TSA guy asked.

“A wild turkey tail,” I replied.

He laughed, nodded his head, and let me move on to my connecting flight.

Like many of you, I’ve traveled this spring with turkey parts. I’ve beards, fans and spurs drying down in my log home’s basement. Fiddling with turkey parts is a way to bring the spring turkey season to a close, at least for me.

A number of manufacturers cater to our needs in this department. Quaker Boy ( has long produced a simple to use turkey fan mount, pictured here (I’ve several QB fan holders on my walls), while Midwest Turkey Call Supply ( offers the range of fan, beard and spur mounting products.

I can’t imagine living without this stuff on my cabin walls. The Eastern, Rio, Merriam’s and Osceola beards, fans and spurs surrounding me bring back memories of Missouri pastures, Texas ranches, the South Dakota Badlands, and gator-filled Florida swamps. Fortunately I’ve a wife and daughter who understand my need to reminisce about old hunts by remembering the bird with such mounts. Another non-hunting friend (yup, I’ve got a couple) has called my place a museum of dead stuff, like the Smithsonian.

What do you guys do to honor the greatest gamebird on the planet?

Mount the full fan? Hang just the beards, maybe one from the rear-view cab mirror of your truck? Wear those spurs around your neck at game dinners or NWTF banquets? Got any neat tricks for making use of the beards, fans and spurs Strut Zoners? Maybe you don’t keep anything but the memories?