Mention decoys at the turkey camp supper table and see what happens. Some guys love ’em. Some guys hate ’em. Some guys get inventive with the fakery.

The guys who love ’em tend to be the sit-tight-and-wait types. They pattern strutters to strut zones, and sit within range, possibly even in a blind. Turkey decoys limit mobility, at least most of ’em. The guys who hate ’em tend to lean toward run-and-gun hunting. The guys who get inventive do things like bellycrawling on strutters with actual full fans held erect in front of them. You laugh. This strategy is becoming something of an emergent trend out West where birds can be glassed and moved on using terrain. On this, more at a later date.

Just in time for the winter outdoor shows, and on the 2010 spring turkey season horizon, Montana Decoy ( is now offering a possible solution for the run-and-gun guy, and a way to enhance the blind sitter’s spread. Enter, Mr. T, a full-strut decoy (pictured here).

According to the manufacturer’s representative, Mr. T takes up less space than a seat cushion. Decoy assembly is twist and stake. It measures 9 x 9 x 2 inches when folded. Deployed, Mr. T sits at a full 28-inches tall by 17-inches wide. It weighs 10.5 oz. Retail price? $34.99. The company says it’ll be on dealer shelves in time for spring turkey season.

So which category do you fall under Strut Zoners? Stake-and-sit decoy hunter? Decoyless run-and-gunner? Plan B full-fan bellycrawler? Will you check out this new decoy option, mention it to your buds, or simply ignore the marketing spin? Do you guys even use turkey decoys?