Turkey Vest AND Blind

It's an idea that's been a long time coming... If there's one thing that's pretty cool about this Golden Age of Turkey Hunting, it's the industry obsession with providing pockets for us to carry our calls and accessories. We've got shirts and pants with many pocketed options, and of course, turkey vests. Now Quaker Boy has come out with a brand-new vest adding to the other options. It offers all the necessary stuff-carrying features, and a blind that folds up behind your head (you heard right). It can be deployed at a moment's notice in the turkey woods. It's a way to carry gear and hide.

I first checked out the Vest-a-Blind at the SHOT Show this winter. The blind feature resembles a ghillie suit, the tactical camouflage clothing that looks like heavy foliage. If there's a breeze in the woods, it moves like real leaves, and so on, affording a 3-D look. Click on this Quaker Boy video yourself as Chris Kirby demonstrates their Vest-a-Blind.

Afterwards, I'd like to know what you Strut Zoners think of this new product that combines both vest and blind features. Do you use blinds yourself, or just set up in natural cover? Is camouflage and stillness enough to fool a gobbler bearing down on you? Personally, I think that rolled-up blind feature might make a sweet woods-nap pillow.