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I caught up with Eddie Stevenson, hardcore turkey hunter, firearms expert, and President of Driftwood Media, to get some advice on making your good turkey gun better. Here’s what he had to say to some pointed interview questions:

Q: Why should an old-school veteran of the spring woods consider upgrading his sighting system and trigger?


A: Today’s shotshell loads and choke tube offerings are designed to deliver dense patterns at extended ranges. An upgraded trigger and sight system allow you to take full advantage of this much-improved system. We all want them in close, but when that old bird hangs up at 40, put the dot on his wattles and squeeze that new trigger!

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Q: How can a Trijicon Reflex sight help a turkey hunter kill gobblers better?

A: The Trijicon Reflex is dual-illuminated and parallax free. Your pattern will be wherever the dot is! No more worrying about keeping your cheek glued to the stock. It’s fast, works in any light conditions and is completely battery free.

Q: How can a Timney 870 trigger enhance a guy’s ability to drop a tom?

A: When a trigger is hard to pull, the shooter tends to “lead the trigger” which compromises accuracy by moving the barrel off the target. This can be very frustrating to the shooter because it greatly affects pattern grouping on the target and accuracy in the field. So to answer you point blank: Timney has created a trigger designed to work with all Model 870 shotguns. The Trigger Fix allows the user to have a clean, smooth, fully adjustable trigger pull which allows the hunter to become more accurate with their shotgun.

Do any of you Strut Zoners tweak your good turkey gun to make it even better? If so, how? New sighting system? Choke? Trigger? If not, why not? Let us know.