The last time we had a domestic farm turkey for Thanksgiving was when my daughter won a “turkey shoot” free-throw hoops contest run by the local recreation department. Otherwise, it’s wild turkey on the table.

Eating wild turkey at Thanksgiving extends the good hunt memories.

I use the whole turkey: breast meat, drumsticks (which I parboil 90 minutes before picking the meat); even the rest of the remaining bird for soup broth and additional turkey bits (great with appetizer recipes).

Regular Strut Zone contributor Charlie Elk recently sent this wild turkey recipe for you guys to consider. I’ve included his instructions below. Let’s call it “Charlie Elk’s Planked Wild Turkey”:

1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup wine or balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 tbsp. sugar
2 cloves crushed garlic

Mix in a zip-lock bag. Add a bird-of-the-year breast fillet and marinate at least six hours, preferably overnight.

Chainsaw in hand, saunter out to the cedar log stored along the side of the garage. Cut off a disk about 1-inch thick, and soak in water for a few hours.

Fire up the barbie, and place the cedar disk on the grill to preheat. Remove the breast from the marinade, rinse a little and pat dry. Cook on the cedar disk until done (about 15-20 min.).

Slice and enjoy the planked turkey.

Will you guys celebrate this coming Thanksgiving Day with a wild turkey, or maybe this fall’s venison? If it’s wild turkey you choose, what’s your favorite recipe? Let us know here at the Strut Zone.

(Marinated Wild Turkey Rolls: NWTF Photo)