How would you solve this problem, Strut Zoners?

It’s a common challenge these days: wild turkeys roam where they wish, often where food sources draw them in.

Landowners, often non-hunters, and possibly unaware of the tremendous wildlife restoration story this great gamebird represents, consider them pests.

Varmints. Trespassers. Litterbugs. Dirty birds.

After all, wild gobblers and hens roost where they wish. They feed where they like, scratching up gardens, oblivious to cost and property lines. These big wild birds leave their droppings all over. Sometimes they even chase suburban onlookers to the disbelief of those who have hunted them in wide-open surroundings where this sort of thing never happens.

I mean have you ever had a wild turkey attack you? Didn’t think so.

So what’s the solution here? A limited hunt for this particular New Jersey “problem” flock? Should the state simply trap-and-transfer this specific group of birds, and release them elsewhere (this costs money of course). What’s the answer? What would you do if you were this guy?

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