There was a full moon last weekend, which is a good sign for any of you early turkey hunters. When we researched the NWTF records we found that the majority of record book birds are taken on or near a full or new moon. The first three days that follow each phase have high numbers of record birds taken as well. Of course, the weather overrides the moons effect. It can either enhance its effect or extremely hamper it. Those areas of the U.S. that will have warm, clear and windless days early this week should hear some gobbling from toms. Here’s the forecast for your regions:

NE – Above average temperatures and above average precipitation. Make this coming week a rollercoaster. Friday was the warmest day and there will be cooling through next Friday. Best days – 22nd and 25th.

SE – Above average temperatures and below average precipitation should make this region “hot”, especially in the coastal states and Florida. According to the weather the best days are 23rd and 24th.

GL – Cool weather and above average precipitation keeps things slow in most of this area. Showers will hamper things till later in the week. Best days – 24th and 25th.

SC – Looks good with most of this area well above average in temperatures and mostly dry, especially Texas. Look for periods after the winds die down this weekend and after t-storms next week when the barometer is rising to be good. Best days – 23rd.

NC – Still early for this region, but normal to below precipitation this coming week will help. Saturday during the full moon looks warm before storms move in, making it good. Clearing next week late are good bets too. Best days – 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

SW – Cooler then normal with above average precipitation coming up. But later in the week as it clears and warms should be a good bet. Best days – 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

NW – Showers every other day and cool weather along with being a tad early in this region will make things quiet. But it looks like some activity could happen on the 22nd and 24th though.

All areas are in pre-breeding gobbling stages or a few days before. Gobbling will continue to pick up in all areas by month’s end. Keep track of your more precise local turkey forecast on OL Weather.

Good Luck!