As we head toward the end of March, winter remains hanging on in many regions east of the Mississippi. Along with the below average temperatures comes above normal precipitation for much of the Northeast and Southeast. The Great Lakes and north central will be cool but dry out.

The Northwest and Southwest will heat up with above average temperatures. This time of year fronts will come and go every few days and picking the windows in between with rising barometers, warmer temperatures, calming winds and clear skies can really improve your odds. These factors and a new (like on April 3rd) or full moon can really get the toms talking. All these factors are considered as we try and help you harvest your next gobbler
Here’s your regions:

NE – Looking here I see passing fronts and well below normal temperatures. The system breaks of prime conditions and warming are few this week. But there are two good bets – Best days: March 26th and 31st.

SE – Cool and wet from Saturday thru Tuesday. Friday looks good before systems sweep through and things should really pick up the middle to end of next week. Best days: March 25th, 30th and 31st.

GL – Cool, but relatively dry after all the snow and rain this week. Pre-breeding gobbling is just starting in this region and dryer warmer days such as the 27th, 30th, and 31st are good bets.

SC – Passing fronts about every other day. In between as the barometer rises along with clearing skies should make these mornings good. Best days: March 25th, 27th and 30th.

NC – Winter with a vengeance returned this week but much warmer temperatures and drier conditions by Tuesday should fire things up as this region is just beginning its pre-breed gobbling also. Best days: March 29th, 30th and 31st.

NW – Warm and wet and just kicking off the gobbling season here too. Clear day opportunities are good bets on the 27th and 30th.

SW – Warmer and drier than normal should make it active almost all week. Looking at all weather factors the best days are March 26th, 29th, 30th and April 1st.

Summary – April 3rd brings a new moon. On and around this phase has always produced trophy birds. Starting two days before (1st) and running the same after (5th) are great calling times if proper weather factors coincide.

Tip of the week – Mornings with dew are some of the very best calling days. Check your weather and look for days with a dew point within + or -3 degrees of the air temperature. You won’t be disappointed.
Good Luck!