You offer the chance at a spring gobbler you’ve located to a bud who doesn’t have time to scout. You take that same friend to your spot and help him kill that turkey when he fails. You watch as he does it, high-fiving him after, and later listening to him tell the story at the check station.

You take a kid turkey hunting with his dad who doesn’t, and introduce them both to our great tradition. You watch as that kid misses one bird. You vow to take him out again, and this time, he closes the deal.

You buy turkey calls for some of the guys you know who are just getting into spring gobbler hunting. You let a longbeard walk past your position so that your bud sitting to your right can kill it.

You roost some gobblers but find another guy parked there early the next morning and smile at your bad luck, driving to another spot. You find, call in and tag a turkey there, amazed at your good fortune.

You pass on a jake or bearded hen, though both are legal where you hunt, in order to raise the bar on a longbeard. You take a jake and act as proud of that bird as you would a sharp-spurred gobbler.

Don’t do all of these things routinely? Me neither.

But this season I’m going to try a little harder. How about you? Got anything we should have added to this wishful list of sporting behavior in the turkey woods?

(NWTF media photo)