Some called in gobblers that buddies couldn’t see (or shoot due to various challenges we all face in the field), and the longbeards walked. Some killed birds shortly after fly-down time.

Some found turkeys while scouting and put guys into them, then waited for the good news. Some birds were highly vocal and others didn’t utter a sound. Some guys called and some just waited. Some guys hunted from stationary blinds while others played run-and-gun with the Sooner State turkeys.

Some talked of near kills back at camp while others studied their gobbler’s spurs. Nobody slept in or went to bed early. There was good music, conversation, food and friendship all around.

Turkey hunting is often a “we” deal. It takes teamwork. The posted group photo is how we looked by midday, Day 2.

Here’s a video that recaps the first two days to start off the Day 3 morning (more on this tomorrow):