As we enter the last week of April this year, a lot of regions are behind historical turkey gobbling and breeding times. Winter hangs on in the north central and Great Lakes states and rain and severe weather has hammered the central, southern and northeastern states. In the south-central states, like Texas, they are on the other end of the spectrum with severe drought and fires.

I decided this week to look at any state biologist studies I could find on historical turkey gobbling and breeding dates and put them on a USA map. I’ve inputted what feedback and information I could find and adjusted the map for this springs weather conditions. Your feedback for your states will be used also to help adjust this map weekly and we’ll map it out for you next week. So please respond to this blog. The more information I can gather the more accurate we can be, with that in mind, according to the weather forecasts, here are your regions for April 22 and 28:

NE – Wow, rain and more rain for the most areas. Friday and Monday look like the best bets between fronts. Best days: April 22 and 25

SE – Rain on Friday, clearing on Saturday and then three good days in a row before the next system moves in. Best days – April 24, 25 and 26.

GL – Friday thru Monday sees rain and showers for most areas. Good news it’s going to warm up. The nicest day and driest is Tuesday, then temperatures cool and showers arrive. Best days – April 26

SC – Thunderstorms daily until mid-week. Mornings could be good if they are dry and clear. Sunny and warmer weather by Wednesday and Thursday look great. Best days – April 27 and 28

NC – It’s been cool or down right cold here. Warming and clearing this coming weekend should make calling well, especially Sunday. Showers move in again early next week. Best days – April 23, 24, 27 and 28.

NW – The warmest and driest day looks like Saturday. Actually this region should really start picking up with pre-breeding gobbling and few showers by Thursday. Best day – April 23, 24th and 26th.

SW – After Thursday winds, Friday looks very good in most areas. By mid-week, it will be very warm again. Best days – April 22, 23, 26, 27 and 28.

Moon – Moon quarters days show spikes in the records, that is on the 24. On the 29, next Friday we have apogee and it is the day after the moon crosses the equator. I always try and get out on crossing days and have had great luck both with turkeys and whitetails. Try it sometime if weather permits.

Tip – Turkeys will re-nest if their first nesting attempt fails. This can result in another gobbling peak in your area late in the season.