Life is good right now if you’re a spring turkey hunter.

If you’re like many spring gobbler chasers, you’ve been out already, seasons providing. You may also be waiting for opening days here in the Northeast. You’ve got plans to get out soon elsewhere, and you’re wondering if you can sneak another state or two in before the seasons end there.

If you’ve killed a bird, congratulations. If you’re getting close, good luck.

I started out in Georgia and have Oklahoma waiting in the on-deck circle. I’ve been scouting Maine and New Hampshire birds lately, where the seasons kick in May 2 and May 3 respectively. I’ve also got Vermont and New York turkey tags and will wait my turn at bat there.

What’s going on in your part of the turkey world? Have you hunted yet and maybe even killed a gobbler? Are you getting close and need to vent the sweet frustration of almost tagging that bird? Let us know here at the Strut Zone.

In the meantime, here’s a short video I took the other morning in Maine, scouting before the season begins. Never heard a Pine Tree State turkey gobble? First you’ll hear seagulls, songbirds, a crow and then the payoff. Listen up:

Photo: NWTF