For the coming week I’ve decided to rate the regions by a combination of precipitation and temperature forecasts. Of course, these are an overview of the whole week and individual areas and days may vary. While it’s nice to be able to pick your days to hunt, most of us have to deal with busy work schedules which means weekends are the only option. If this forces you to hunt in rainy and cool weather, find roosting birds and set up as close as you can, to increase your odds.

As a whole, the northern states are going to be cool and wet. The coldest and rainiest areas look to be the Great Lakes and the upper Midwest. The best areas look to be the southern tier states, which will see a much-needed drier and warmer week. The middle states, such as Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois will have normal seasonal conditions.

The moon times this week are the 1st quarter on the 10th and the crossing of the equator on the 12th. The crossing days always create turbulence in the atmosphere and usually stimulate wildlife activity. Throughout much of the country the birds are in a breeding stage or close to it.

If you’ve never tried it, use a squealing hen call which mimics a hen during this period. It can really get the toms going. Good Luck!