This spring’s unusually wet and cool conditions have pushed breeding dates ahead by as much as 3 weeks. Here in North Dakota I’ve seen an all-time low in gobbling activity, along with declining numbers. Three harsh winters in a row have caused my ranch’s bird population to decline by about 70 percent. As we find turkey season winding down in most areas, we should see some good gobbling activity where weather permits. A perigee (when the moon is closest to the earth) and full moon within 24 hours of each other will motivate gobbling activity. Here are your regions:

NE – Never ending showers and rain this spring. Look for mornings where it hasn’t rained in 24 hours and try to get out. Best day: 18th.

SE – T-storms and humidity as high as 90 percent may really hamper activity. Good news, temperatures are going to be seasonal and winds light. Best days: May18
Great Lakes** – Friday looks good before a cooling trend arrives most of next week will see below average temps and above average precipitation. Locate roosting areas at night and set up close by. Best days: 17th and 18th

SC – Isolated storms to begin, then 5 days of perfect hunting conditions before the next front arrives. Best days: All week

NC – Finally by Sunday normal temperatures and drier conditions will move in. Some of the best conditions of the year will be on and around the full moon next week. Best days 18th
NW** – The northwest sees a great Friday and Saturday morning. Showers move in on Sunday and persist through Wednesday. Best days: 19th
SW – A windy beginning to the week probably held up birds in some areas. Warm temperatures and low humidity though will keep things active. Best days: 18th and 19th

Moon – Perigee on the 16th and a full moon on the 17th created great lunar influences. 48 hours after Tuesday is a good bet.

Tip – Humidity below 30 percent is optimal for calling. If it is not this low in your area watch for trends where it is lowering and hunt those days. Good Luck!

Photo: Threat