So here’s the question: If this hen (she’s a bearded hen, by the way) was sitting on her nest incubating eggs 28 days ago, then who were those gobblers hanging out with? Seems like the toms were henned up right up to the end of the season.

Anyway, spotted the first poults of the spring in the past two days here in southern New England–two different hens with pretty big broods. Although you can’t see them all in this photo, this hen had 16 poults in all. They didn’t seem to be more than a few days old, but likely were more than a week old since they were capable of flying. An accidental meeting between two deer and the brood had the little guys fluttering in all direction. Took awhile for the hen to call them back. So the hatch is on and looking pretty good. Here’s hoping that the last couple days of rain and chill gives way to warm and dry.