Too many wild turkeys in one location is a good thing for us spring gobbler hunters, but not everyone.

In the case of a California nature preserve, the issue is stirring up some “us vs. them” issues. The Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL) won’t allow a single trigger pull if they can help it. Even if it is a youth turkey hunt set for this coming weekend.

Fellow sportsmen of course want to manage the abundant game birds by doing what we do: hunting and enjoying wild turkey on the supper table — some of nature’s original organic food. They want to mentor youth hunters. They want to pass our tradition on. They want to keep flocks healthy and thriving.

Not everybody is so warm and fuzzy about our lifestyle.

The animal rights activists claim hunters will “trample sensitive habitats” and that the youth hunt first requires an environmental impact report. The NWTF chapter is simply interested in providing an opportunity for kids who want to hunt turkeys.

The opposition’s response? A temporary restraining order has been requested by the APRL. The Los Angeles Times reports: “The county Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to allow the hunt at the 3,800-acre Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve. The hunt, sponsored by the San Diego chapter of the [National] Wild Turkey Federation, is open to 20 youths and will be closely chaperoned.”


Thoughts fellow Strut Zoners?

P.S. No word if Pellet Gun Man will be one of the California youth hunt “chaperones”.