We turkey hunters call it “the dispersal’–the time when winter flocks break up and move to new spring areas to breed and nest. One Missouri resident just views it as damage and destruction.

Dawne Chase had her home invaded and vandalized by a wild turkey over the weekend.

How bad was it? On the outside, there was some superficial damage to the siding of her house, but on the inside the force of the big flying bird took out drywall and then some.

Worse yet, the victim’s insurance company says it won’t cover the cost to fix it. Why? There’s no line item of coverage for damage from a direct hit to her house from a wild turkey, according to Fox News.

What gets me with these suburban turkey stories is how the people interviewed, not to mention the talking television heads, seem like they’re speaking about space aliens or something like Bigfoot when wild turkeys get involved in the conversation. See the video here.

Are non-hunters really this out of touch? Whose side are you on, the insurance company or the fly-by turkey victim?