Shotshell patterning pump gunners who’ve suffered through shoulder-thumping sessions at the local range know reduced recoil is but a sweet wishful dream–until now.

O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc. and Mathews, Inc. have partnered to develop a new recoil reduction system which will be featured on seven new Mossberg pump-action shotguns in 2013. The system features a unique Mossberg Dual-Comb (low and high profile inserts) stock design incorporating Mathews Harmonic Damper Technology combined with a newly re-engineered thermoplastic elastomer recoil pad.

Mossberg says the result can be up to 20 percent reduction in felt recoil and added comfort in the field or at the range.

How does it work? Taking the lead from the archery and bowhunting world, the Mathews Harmonic Damper incorporates a patented counter-phase technology that interrupts the recoil wave while weights floating in an internal elastomer wheel absorb recoil vibrations.

The Mathews Damper is housed in an exclusive Mossberg stock with interchangeable low and high profile combs to ensure a more comfortable fit and overall reduction of felt recoil as the recoil wave is interrupted when it passes through the stock. Additional comfort is provided by the recoil-absorbing, thermoplastic elastomer recoil pad.

And when you pull the trigger on a spring gobbler you’ll feel the recoil reduction relief too.

The Mossberg Recoil Reduction System will be available on select 835® Ulti-Mag® and 535 ATS Turkey and Waterfowl 12 gauge 3 ½-inch pump-action shotguns and two 500 12-gauge 3-inch pump-actions, a convenient Field/Deer Two-Barrel Combo and a special-purpose Tactical 6-Shot model.

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