I sort of cruised through the stop sign. That’s when the cop hit his lights in the dark. I hadn’t seen him lying in wait. It was pre-dawn and spring turkey season. “License and registration, please?” he said. I’d never seen this guy before in my life.

Not a good way to start out a spring gobbler season morning. My shotgun was cased; my jacket nothing special–I’d yet to dress for turkey hunting. Hunting bumper stickers on the back of my old pickup told the story though.

Come on, man, I thought silently as he checked my driving record in his cruiser.

He slowly approached, looking my truck over. “Okay, I’m giving you a warning,” he said through my rolled-down window. He paused a second or two. “By the way, they’ve been pretty shut-mouthed on the roost this week. I haven’t been able to do anything with the turkeys. Good luck!”

Go figure–a fellow turkey hunter. Nice. I thanked him, for sure. I didn’t kill a gobbler that day, but my hunting bumper stickers likely saved me some cash.

It can go both ways with hunting bumper stickers. It’s kind of a secret code. It’s tricky though: Are you unintentionally telling somebody you’re a fellow turkey hunter and that’s why you’re parked next to the dirt road near the likely spring gobbler woods? Are you giving your secret spots away?

How about it, Strut Zoners? Got some hunting bumper stickers slapped on the back of your rig? Any funny ones on there? Did they ever help you get out of a jam with the police?