Turkey Hunting photo

I’m not saying that these videos are legit, only that they exist. The rest is for you to decide.

The clips were shot by Bruce Evans and uploaded to YouTube on April 15th. They document his day of hunting with his new friend. Evans and his sweetheart, set up on a gobbler, take a walk in the woods, ride in a golf cart, and hang with the family. The first video (above) shows Evans sitting at a tree with the hen dawdling over his right shoulder. Fast forward a bit and you’ll see the hen give Evans a peck (dare I say a kiss?) on the arm.

In this clip the hen follows Evans down a the trail. Who knows what sort of black calling magic Evans used to seduce her. As Evans notes in the video, if he’s ever able to locate a tom, he won’t need to put out a decoy.

This is the most ridiculous clip out of the series. The turkey perched on Evans’ shotgun must be some sort of symbolism, I just can’t figure out what it means.

It seems that the turkey is scared of golf carts, but at least they head off in the same direction.

Ah yes, the turkey comes home to meet the family.

Sadly, a neighbor’s dog scared away the hen without even giving Evans a chance to say goodbye. Is that a touch of heartache I see and Evans’ eyes, a twinge of loneliness in his voice?

What do you think Strut Zoners? Is this footage for real? Will Evans and his hen pal ever be reunited? Comment below!