Luke Tonlino of Otis, Massachusetts was admittedly a bit peeved. Upon hearing some odd banging sounds coming from outside his home last week, Tonlino decided to investigate. That’s when he spotted the source of the commotion–an adult gobbler. Apparently enamored with his own reflection in the bumper of Tonlino’s truck, the bird strutted back and forth occasionally pecking at the high-polished chrome.

“I went inside for the camera and watched him for 5 minutes,” Tonlino said. “He saw me and didn’t care–until I ran him off. I was afraid he would ruin the bumper.”

You hear these types of stories every spring and it still never ceases to amaze how a bird that is often so very hard to hunt can act so absolutely silly. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen a turkey do?